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Jam with ginger “DariDobro”, 135 gr

You can create a jam even from a dream, if you add some fruits and sugar there!

Fruit and Berry jams with ginger “DariDobro" are tasty, healthy  and natural products. The entire line of jams “DariDobro" goes through a gentle sterilization process during the manufacture that allows us to save up to 85% of useful minerals and other valuable nutrients. There is no boiling during the process of production because it ruins the biggest part of vitamins and nutrients.

If you like ginger, our jam is surely a discovery for you!

Words cannot describe all the advantages of this delicacy – you need to try it yourself!

Ginger is one of the most famous medicinal plants, which is used in medicine for more than two thousand years to treat various diseases, and, moreover, in cooking to give a special spicy taste to the dishes.

Ginger is a universal means due to its unique composition: more than 400 compounds necessary for the human body: amino acids, vitamins, minerals, including vitamins C, B1, B2, essential amino acids necessary for the normal functioning of all body systems, essential oil, minerals (sodium, potassium, zinc).

The use of ginger in food improves the secretion of the stomach, increases appetite, relieves all the symptoms of "sea" sickness (not only nausea, but the weakness, dizziness), decrease the amount of cholesterol in the blood and lowers blood pressure. Ginger is also useful as a prophylactic plant against the development of malignant tumors.

It cleanses the body from different toxins, improves health and immune system, improves vision, memory and mental acuity.  

Даридобро имбирное







 Why ginger is so useful? 

Ginger has got powerful antioxidant properties, lowers cholesterol in the blood, helps to normalize blood circulation including the brain one, improves digestion and bone condition and helps to avoid many illnesses.







Jam with ginger "DariDobro":

DSC08195 DSC08189_1 DSC08193

Apple-Cranberry jam with ginger 135gr

Composition:apple, cranberry, ginger, sugar

Cranberry jam with ginger 135gr

Composition: cranberry, ginger, sugar

Orange and banana jam with ginger 135gr

Composition: orange, banana, ginger, sugar

DSC08197 DSC08192 435116

Pear jam with ginger 135gr

Composition: pear, ginger, sugar

Cowberry jam with ginger 135gr

Composition: cowberry, ginger, sugar

Bilberry jam with ginger 135gr

Composition: bilberry, ginger, sugar

Storage: +2 to + 25 ° C
Shelf life: 24 months
Packaging: glass jar 0.1  liter (120 gr) , twist-off cap
Transport Packaging: 12 pcs (box, 60 boxes - Euro pallets).


Briefly about us

BLAGODAT, LLC  is a producer of natural food and soft drinks for people who take care of their health.

Company, founded in 2011, wants to give people a lot of health and grace by producing high-quality products filled with energy of kindness and love!

More facts:
- 8 years on the market
- products are presented in 13 regions of Russia
- more than 1.5 million liter of kvass were produced
- 82.7% of customers come back
- delivery time is from 2 hours



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